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Thu, Sep. 16th, 2010, 04:11 pm
Making Progress (Finally)

At long last I can post and say that I've made significant progress on the third Stone Island Sea Story.  Earlier today I finished chapter five of DARNAHSIAN PIRATES.  To have written eight of nine pages over the past couple of days may not seem like much, but it's the most I've done in several months.  Now I just have to keep it going.  Chapter six starts tomorrow!  (Maybe later today!)

I don't know if my delay in completing this chapter was a result of writers block or not.  I does seem that since I've been on vacation and have had more computer time, I'm getting caught up with all the other little tasks that always seem to need doing.  So often, once I get the "right now" stuff done, I don't have the ambition to delve into the "real" writing.  The story was also at a point where I wanted several things to happen or coincidentally fall in to place.  I struggled a bit, trying to tie them all together.  Often, I'd have it all worked out while cleaning tennis courts at work, but upon arrival home and sitting in front of the monitor, nothing.  I did get the complexities of what I wanted at this point figured out, finished the chapter (wrote the last half), and am now ready to move on.

In fact, I currently have a beginning to the next chapter floating around in my head, so I'll end this and get a start at it.