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Tue, Sep. 14th, 2010, 09:50 am
Brightening your Day!

I'm on vacation this week.  Nice to be able to sleep until I want to get up and not scramble from the covers because the alarm clock is ringing.  I don't know that I'm getting all that much accomplished, but I am making headway.

One of my projects has been to work at updating the web-site for Spokane Authors and self-publishers (
www.spokaneauthors.org).  Recently I had learned that a few folks in the group could not link to or click on certain pages that I'd posted over the past year or so.  I finally realized that when I'd saved them to the web, I'd saved them in a format that wasn't compatible with all browers.  So I've went back in and have converted those pages into a format more universally accepted.  For a person who really knows what he/she is doing, this was probably not that big of a task.  For me... well let's say that the job has occupied a large majority of my computer time over the past weekend.  And as I write this, I still have a couple of things to update and change on the site.  Actually, the changes I'm contemplating are actual changes and have very little to do with the format problem mentioned earlier.

All that doesn't seem to relate to the subject line of today's post, does it?  "No!"  I hear all say.  Anyway, a couple of months ago the editor of the SASP Newsletter included these definitions in his monthly notes.  I thought they might be of some importance amusement to aspiring (and published) writers everywhere.

For What It’s Worth

by Jim Parry

Definitions for the Uninitiated

Release Party – Your first event, to announce the publication of your book. Send formal announcement to all friends, relatives, neighbors, high school classmates (even the ones you didn’t like), and that weird guy at the end of the block. Enjoy the party because this is where you’ll sell all the books you’re ever gonna sell.

 Reading – At a small venue you’ll read excerpts from your book to yourself and possibly to an accompanying author who will, in turn, read to you.

 Signing – An event during which a dozen or so people walk by your table avoiding the eye contact that you are trying to establish. The only one who will stop is usually an interestingly-dressed person who will bore you with his/her one-sided, one-hour, unsolicited political/religious rantings.


                                                      Yer writing coach,


By the way, Jim is the author of the funny and yet touching book about his years teaching middle-school, entitled BOOK ALL THE TEACHERS!  I posted a review of it a couple of months ago, coincidentally when I was taking my first week of vacation.