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Thoughts on Writing

For the past few months I've been somewhat lazy when it comes to posting here.  A couple of days ago I resumed posting excerpts from the Stone Island Sea Stories, and hope I can continue that on a regular, perhaps weekly basis.  If I do something from each chapter, I've got a lot of material to post yet.  The first book has twenty-four, the second has twenty-six, and the third, the one still in work, twenty-seven.

And since I'm a writer, perhaps I should be posting some of my thoughts with regards to writing, being a writer, becoming a writer, and so on.  I have a feeling that some of what I may post may be a rehash of stuff I've posted before, but I'm sure you can put up with that.

To begin, I'd like to take a look at the process of becoming a writer.  I'm sure it's different for everyone who writes, but once one has decided one is a writer, I'm sure he or she can look back and see certain times, situations, or events that may have led to deciding to write/wanting to write.

In my case, one of the first things that comes to mind is realizing I was born into a family of readers.  For the most part the were/are not intellectuals, scholars, or academics.  They are/were simply people who liked to read.  As a very young child I remember watching Dad and Mom read and apparently enjoy it.  And it seems we always had books, magazines, and newspapers about the house.  In addition, my late sister and I had an extensive collection of children's books, which Mom, for the most part, and sometimes Dad would read to us.

At this point in my life we lived forty-one miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  At first we had no electricity, so light was by way of Coleman lanterns, and of course we did not have TV.  Therefore we may have been read to more than the typical child of today.  And we also learned the alphabet and our numbers.  Before I started school, I could print my name and recognize a few words, such as "Daddy," or "Grandma," etc.

Mom, Dad, and I at our homestead in Alaska.  I'm probably too young here to have any ideas about books or reading.

So when I started school... it took just a few days for it to all tie together and I found myself able to read.  Basically I started reading and have never stopped.  Being able to read was magic, as now I could read the collection of Little Golden Books we had for myself.  I did not have to have someone read them to me.

I mention and emphasize reading here, because I believe writers are for the most part, readers.  I don't believe in absolutes, so possibly there may be some who write but don't read, but I think they'd be few and far between.  Basically I believe being a reader doesn't necessarily make you a writer, but it you write, there's a good chance you are a reader.

Well, the plan is to continue on with this in a week or so.  As usual this will get automatically linked to my Twitter account and I'll provide a link on my Facebook Page.  Depending upon how you come by this, you are welcome to comment here or there.
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