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Last time I was here I speculated that perhaps I'd be back on track with posting every week or so.  WRONG!  Just noticed it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted.

Not sure if anyone else has had similar problems, but my Facebook Page seems to be a little squirrely these days.  For a couple of weeks I could not even get to it and now, some of the features don't seem to work as they should.  I can't "share" from another Page, and when I go to my Pages Feed, it acts as if my Page has never liked any others.  But now, I can at least get to my page and post therein.  Many of my posts are simply to let folks know about a post here on Live Journal.

Finished the latest editing pass on Darnahsian Pirates a few days ago.  Now I need to get busy and include the changes, corrections, additions, and deletions in the version on the computer.  And as it usually is, while incorporating those, I'm likely to discover and make more changes as well.  In a way, I surprised myself in that I made more changes to the earlier parts of the story than I thought I would.  Afterall, some of those chapters had been gone over many times in the past.  Maybe it's because the story is complete and I have a better picture of what's going on in it.

Last Wednesday we finally had a rainy day in which it actually rained for most of the day.  Since then it's been nice, with the temperature getting in to the very warm or even hot range.  Last night a series of thunderstorms blew through, and in some places in the region there were potentially damaging high winds and large hailstones.  Here, I heard two or three rumbles of thunder a fair ways off, and we had a few minutes downpour and some gusty winds.  Later, around 4 am, we got a little more thunder and some gentler more steady rain.  Today is cloudy and raw compared to the past few days.  Nonetheless it is refreshing and the rain that fell will do crops and our lawns a world of good.

Completed and sent out the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers Newsletter a couple of days ago.  Situation locally still isn't to where we can actually meet, but hopefully that'll change before it's time for our July meeting.  Tired of the decision to wear masks or not becoming a matter of politics.  To me, it has nothing to do with whether one is conservative or liberal, but with one's decision to try and even the odds a little bit.  If one opts to wear a mask, he/she is simply saying, I might have it and not know, so I'll lessen your chances of catching it from me, if I have it.  Simple as that.  Nothing to do with my political leanings.

Certain counties in Washington have moved to "Phase 2" of getting back to normal.  One area that's open again is hair dressers and barbershops, but with the caveat that workers and customers wear masks.  But I wonder, how can a barber cut my hair, especially on the sides and around my ears if I have a mask on?  Otherwise I shouldn't have to take my glasses off when I get into the chair.  Definitely need a haircut, but think I'll wait.  Maybe I'll let it grow and become a 69 year old hippy!  (I've only ever had my hair long and that was right after I retired from the Navy nearly 30 years ago.  I let the back grow long enough to have a pony tail, but got tired of it and went back to a "normal" haircut.)

Finally, if you do crossword puzzles, have you ever noticed that clues are sometimes factually wrong.  Today, one clue was, "another name for a steam bath."  The answer they were looking for was, "sauna," but I've always understood a sauna used a dry heat and not steam.  But if it points one in the direction of the correct answer for that spot on the puzzle....

Let's hope things get better as we move into June.

Stormie being sweet.  I was trying to get a pic showing how my shirt matches the bird.
Tags: editing progress, misc, newsletters, pets, spokane authors, stormie
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