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Dave McChesney

Catching Up

As usual, I post and intend to post again in a couple of days, but look and discover much more time has passed than intended.  You'd think that with being home so much of the time I'd be cranking them out on a regular basis.  Then again, I find that there are times when I just don't want to do anything on the computer beyond checking e-mail or surfing through various social media platforms.

Even though the current "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy" mode of life hasn't been a big change for me... I was pretty much doing that anyway, perhaps it is the finality of it that sometimes gets to me.  If I don't have plans to go anywhere, do anything, things are pretty much normal.  But when I want to go to the store, need to run an errand, I have to stop and think a bit about it.  Make sure I really need to go or that I remember to follow social distancing guidelines and the like.  Also I do miss those occasional events, meetings, etc where I have a chance to meet with and intereact with friends and colleagues.

I have come to realize that the lack of sports might be contributing to me doing at least a little work on the third Stone Island Sea Stories book.  By now, most of my evenings would be taken up with watching Seattle Mariner's games, but since they aren't playing I have time most evenings to do a bit of writing related stuff.  Currently I'm entering edits for the final chapter into the computer, and for once I may be adding to the word count rather than taking away from it.  That's because I realized that some things in that last chapter and somethings in the beginning of Book Four don't fit well chronologically.  So far I've transposed a scene from chapter one of the new WIP to the final chapter, and I'm thinking there are a couple more things I need to add to fully wrap up number three.  But still, for all intents and purposes, I think it's done.

I've probably mentioned a time or two that at our monthly SASP meetings, we usually have a drawing for door prizes  For a while it got to be a way for members to clear out books they'd read and didn't want around anymore.  We finally restricted it to books by members, whether or own or another member, or books on writing, publishing, editing, marketing, etc.  But over the time we allowed anything and everything, I've picked up a few of just about anything.  (Usually when a person has a winning ticket for a door prize, they get to select what they want from the selection to be given away.  Often I've taken some fairly off the wall stuff because I might already have what else is available.  Sometimes end up with things that I normally wouldn't read, things in genres or subject that I normally don't look for.  Such was case with Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister, which I read a few weeks ago.  It was/is basically Fantasy Romance, and when you come right down to it, was a fairly interesting story.  Now I'm reading something called Fairyville by Emma Holly.  It too seems to be Fantasy Romance, but this one has a lot more erotica in it.  It has just enough of a story line to it to prevent it from being porn.  Does seem to be well written, but is quite explicit, quite often.  And it is one I find might sit for several days between reading sessions.  Anyway, hoping to finish it up soon and get back to a good Naval Adventure/Age of Sail, or other adventure type story.  (And sometimes I wonder which of the members of SASP donated such a book to the monthly door prize collection.)  I'm also coming to realize that while I'm no prude, I prefer things to be hinted at, rather than blatantly described in what I read.

Weather has been nice for the most part, alhough April Showers seem to have taken a leave of absence.  Hardly any rain at all this month.  We've had a few days where it was supposed to rain, and it did, but for just a few minutes, enough to make the pavement wet, but then it stopped and never returned.  I've skipped watering those days, thinking we were going to get a good soaking, but by the next day have to go water just to catch up.  Never the less, the lawn is greening up and I've got most of the trimming done.  Also have managed to clean up most of what I've trimmed, so as time goes on, the place looks a litle better all the time.  Also noticed that over the past few days, most of the trees in the neighborhood have leafed out.  Makes it look and feel more like spring.

That should do it for this time.  Ideally I'll be back in a few days, but regardless of when, I'll be back.
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