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More This and That

Finshed up the initial edit of the final chapters of Darnahsian Pirates a week or so ago.  So far I've inputted three of the five into the computer files.  Chapter Twenty-Five took a while and I finished it up last night.  I made a lot of small changes to that one and ended up removing 710 words from it.  All told, I've shortened things up by 1,185 words.  Wonder how many more I'll cut in the final two.

This is what a typical page looks like after I've done some editing to it.  This is the second page of Chapter Twenty-Five, and in this particular chapter, most pages looked a lot like this.  In some chapters, there are/were a lot fewer changes.  I find that as I input these changes, I come up with more, which makes it slow going.  I also sometimes decide not to make particular changes, or find others that I did not mark as above.

I see a lot of writers talking about the number of drafts they do in order to write a book.  That, to me means starting over at page one and completely re-writing the story... incorporating changes such a denoted here.  Me?  I do one draft, but I keep revising it.  I go back into the computer version and change those things I find need to be changed.  I might retitle it from "Chapter One" to "Chapter One Rev 1" or something similar to keep track of it, but to me, it's still the same draft.  I think that with the way we can correct, change, modify, and alter a computer document, there isn't really a need to start or do multiple drafts.  In the old typewriter days, it was very difficult to make changes and corrections on the page, so the idea of a new draft, if not of the entire book, at least of a particular chapter made more sense.  The same was true for anyone writing by hand with pen and paper or pencil and paper.  Then there would have been the need to write out a final (semi-final) smooth copy once a signicant number of corrections and changes had been made.

Did a little more yard work today.  Mowed everything again, although it didn't need a whole lot of that.  I try to more on a regular basis so I'm not cutting all that much.  With the mower I have it can be hard to mow if it gets too high, and I'd rather keep it trimmed and take of a very little bit each time I mow.  Hand watered again, which I've been doing for the past week or so, and sprayed some vinegar and water on the weeds coming up in the cracks in the concrete.  Tomorrow, if it's not too windy I hope to spray some "weed and feed" stuff on it.  Then I'll wait a day or two and go back to watering.  Might break out the sprinkler for the main yard.  I just hand water the two smaller sections all the time because they are so small it's next to impossible to use the sprinker.  Ends up watering a lot of the sidewalk and street so it's not the best way to go.  I have the time so I can get everything watered pretty good doing it by hand.

Made a run to check mail for the Corvair Club and Spokane Authors yesterday.   Also stopped by the store to pick up a few things I was getting low on.  Wanted to get a few things at another store, but there was a line outside of people waiting to get in, so I decided it could wait.  Eva works there so maybe she can pick those items up when she's at work.  If it turns out to be like last time, it'll be another two weeks before I go anyplace again.  Hopefully by then we will have made some progress and we'll be closer to ending this Stay Home Stay Safe routine.  Doesn't bother me all that much because most of the time I don't go anywhere anyway, but now and then I feel the need to go and then decide I can't or I shouldn't.

Hope everyone is doing okay and that you are finding constructive and creative ways to occupy your time.
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