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Dave McChesney

I'm Still Here

I keep thinking that with all this enforced stay at home time, that I'll post more often here... Somehow it hasn't worked like that.  And as I've mentioned, not all that much has changed for me.  I'm usually home anyway.  I think the biggest difference is that I've changed my once a week run around and do everything I need to do to an every other week routine.  Way back on April 2nd we went and got our taxes done and the next day I made my "weekly" run.  Haven't gone anyplace since... other than out and about to walk Coco.  Who by the way went all the way around the block today.  Usually he'll explore the part of the street in front of the house he considers his territory or sometimes will just lay in the yard while I stand there holding the leash.

We had a few days of great weather late in March, but as we moved into April it got chilly and somewhat stormy.  During the earlier round of nice weather I trimmed some of our bushes and we had the yard power raked.  Towards the later part of last week it warmed up some, so I got a bit more done.  I re raked, by hand the boulevard strip between the side walk and the street and mowed it.  I've also been hand watering, just enough I hope to allow the new growth to get a better start.  That boulevard strip has a lot of brown dead grass at present and I'm trying to soak it up everyday.

Took this sunset shot last month, a couple days after spring began

Friday was the nicest day so far, with temps reaching into the low seventies.  Trimmed the bushes or shrubs in front of the house, the ones I know as scotch pine.  I've heard others refer to them as bull pine.  All I know is that if I go to trim them I want to wear something old as I end up getting pitch all over everything, including me.  Also cut back/cut down a couple of other leafy bushes, and will eventually take them out completely.  They are a pain to manage, it seems.  Lastly, I did some more trimming on one of the shorter bushes between the driveway and the front walk.  Tried to get rid of as much of the old dead undergrowth as I could.   This was one I'd done a few weeks ago but realized it still needed work.  Now I'm debating cutting off two of the limbs that  take up a lot of space but don't contribute much to the green canopy portion.  Or I might wait until next year.  Now the only thing I need to trim are the two taller bushes in that same area.  Have a feeling I'll need a ladder as the tops are just out of reach.

Front of the house showing my attempt at trimming the scotch pines there.  Will have to pick up the trimmings one of these days.

Saturday I mowed the main yard and the small triangular portion between the driveways and by the garages.  They weren't really high yet, but with my mower, if it gets too long, it gets hard to push, so I try to cut just a little bit at a time, and cut more often than a lot of people.

Writing wise, I finished up editing the final chapters of Darnahsian Pirates a few days ago.  So far I've updated the first of those chapters (chapter Twenty-Three) on the computer and have a start on the next.  Hoping that I'll get that done this week and then I can go back through the whole thing looking for typos and that sort of thing.  Also have a few details I need to figure out and perhaps correct or change.  A lot of it is stuff that doesn't really make it into the story, but stuff that I want to be sure of.

I guess that's it for now.  As always, hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and staying healthy.
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