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Just Checking In

Friday I put most of the April Issue of the Rear Engine Review (newsletter for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club) together.  Wasn't a lot of club news, so I stretched out the editorial portion a bit to take up some space an also to offer my opinions on what is going on in the world these days.  I also tried to run a few more pics than normal, and added some links to books by folks in Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  Figured that a lot of people might be looking for something to read during this time of self-isolation and staying home, staying safe.  As it is, I probably send the REAR ENGINE REVIEW to more folks than just about anything.  Besides sending it to members of the club, I also send it to other Corvair Clubs and other Corvair people.  It also goes out to a distribution list that goes to people all across the Corvair Owners Society of America (CORSA).  And I send it to a lot of family members, friends, and even the high school classmates I am in touch with.  So it might work to get the word out about books by fellow writers.  And it gave me something to put in the newsletter as well.

For the most part these days, I'm staying home... as we all should be doing.  In over two weeks I've been out of the house, other than for walking Coco, four times.  Twice, and these were two weeks apart rather than the usual weekly trips, I went to check SASP and INCC mail, as well as being prepared to deposit any recieved dues, and finally to get beer and all those things I consider necessities.  And just to thumb my nose at the whole situation, I bought a six pack of Corona beer, which I'll consume over the next week.  Bought double of everything, so ideally I won't have to go again for another two weeks.  Also made one trip to get propane for the grill, and a few days ago we went to get our taxes done.  Now, as long as food and toilet paper hold out I shouldn't need to go anywhere for at least two weeks.

Finished reading through Darnahsian Pirates yesterday.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Noticed the recently written chapters area a bit rougher, but that's to be expected.  Today went through and did a more indepth edit of Chapters Twenty Three and Twenty Four.  I'll probably wait until I've done the remaining three before makeing any changes or entries to the computer copies of those chapters.  Then I'll want to go back to the beginning and do a good close edit on the whole thing.  While reading I did find some types and other silly mistakes in the portions I edited last spring, so I think another pass is warranted.

A couple of weeks ago I started trying to get in touch with various family and friends via e-mail, just to see how they were doing in these strange and often trying times.

Former co-worker sent this pic of the puppies she and her family got for Christmas.  Names are Gus and Millie, although I'm not sure which is which.

  Finished that up earlier today and have had a few responses back.  Also did much the same when sending out the REAR ENGINE REVIEW yesterday.  I send  it multiple times, with different messages accompanying the particular folks it's going to.  I send it to the club members, and also include the latest version of the club roster as well as the treasurers report.  When I send it to other Corvair folks outside the club it's just the newsletter.  This time I sent it as a separatee message to my high school classmates, because the actual e-mail was meant especially for them.

We had some great weather a couple weeks ago, but lately it's been cold, windy, and at times, wet.  We've actuall woken up to snow a couple of mornings.  Nothing too serious, but enough to show for a while in the morning.  Usually it's gone by noon.  Now it seems the warm weather is coming back and by the end of the week we might be into the seventies.  That's great as I'd started to get some yard work done and I'd kind of like to get back to it.

I'm sure you'll agree that that's enough for now.
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