Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Writing Progress and More (Maybe)

I think I've mentioned that I recently finished the third Stone Island Sea Story, Darnahsian Pirates, and that now I've started the fourth, which for the time being is known simply as Book Four.  I also finished reading Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister and so now I'm free to read over my recently finished manuscript.

I read some yesterday and today, and at present am probably a third of the way through it.  Maybe a little more.  Today I finished Chapter Ten, which ends on page 145.  The first seven or so chapters were written ages ago and have been edited and revised several times, so reading is fairly rapid.  They are in good shape, although I've found a few things.  Some of it isn't so much about writing but about details and consistency, spelling a character's name the same from one chapter to the next, or remember which characters are aboard what ships.... that sort of thing.  And I've spotted the occasional typo, but all in all, it's pretty clean.  Everything from there, Chapter Eight to Twenty Two were written a year or so ago when I got back at it, and they've had one rather thorough going over.  So far they seem to read and flow nicely.  When I get to Twenty Three, I'll probably need to pay a bit closer attention, as most of that could still be considered to be first draft.

As for Book Four, I just want to keep going so I'm trying to add a little every day, or  most days.  It's in a "hunt for a story mode" as I don't really have anything solid to write to yet.  So a lot of what I'm writing might end up being delete, or it might be moved to a different part of the story, or interspaced with other scenes, ideas.  As with a lot of things, it will come together eventulally.

Felt a little out of sorts yesterday and was wondering if maybe I'd contracted the stuff putting the whole world in an up roar.  Some of what I was feeling didn't fit, and now I'm feeling pretty much normal, if that's such a thing for me.  May well have been a result or combination of what I've eaten or drank lately.  Eva is currently making a grocery run and I've decided to postpone my weekly run until tomorrow.  Usually try to do it on Friday so if the Inland Northwest Corvair Club or Spokane Authors gets any dues payments in the mail I can go to the respective credit unions to make the deposits.  One isn't open on Saturday and teh other only for a limited amount of time... and currently banks and credit unions are not open, lobby, direct customer service wise, so it doesn't really matter.  I had thought to go today or tomorrow depending on when she went on her run, simply to avoid having to move her vehicle to get to mine.  By the time she left today I'd decided I didn't want to go anywhere, so... tomorrow.

When He-Lo was the Bird in Residence here, we kept his wings clipped so he couldn't fly and get away.  The typical paper airplane could out fly him.  Later we did the same with Stormie, but now that Coco is here, we've decided she should have the ability to fly, just in case he should catch her on the ground and decide she's a chew toy.  So now, a couple times a week we'll hear the rustle of wings and she'll take off and fly around the dining room and living room before returning to cage.  The other night I was watching TV, laying back in the recliner when I hear wings.  A moment later, she's above me, nearly hovering, and finally lands on the top edge of the chair back.  Got her to step on to my hand and then my shoulder, and hence the following pic.  As you can see, she was much more ready for picture taking than i was.

Naturally Coco was jealous and had to climb up as well.  Tried to get a shot of all three of us, but couldn't manage it.  Did get this one of Coco.

And if you look really close you might see Stormie on my shoulder, sort of hidden behind the edge of my face.

Hope everyone is doing okay, staying safe and staying healthy.
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