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Some More This and That

Making progress on the writing.  Just about complete with Chapter Twenty-Five.  Didn't get much done over the weekend, but did get a newsletter done for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club.  Usually I'd say to visit the web-site to see it, but our web-master has had some health issues and hasn't put newsletters up since last March.  You can check that one out if you wish.
Have a small slot this evening when there is no TV I'm particularly interested in, so I just might get the current chapter finished.  Then I'm thinking there will be one or two more before the story is complete.

Yesterday we had a crew come in and take out a tree that sprouted between our garage and the neighbor's garage a few years ago.  I'd gone out way back when to cut the sprouts down, but the wood was so wet and heavy enough that it pinched the saw, and I gave up.  Then (I was still working) I just forgot about it.  For the last couple of years it's been big enough that it's been coming close to some power lines and also in contact with the garage roof.  I've been able to trim it back some, but couldn't get to the top.  Had someone do an estimate last fall, but it was more than we wanted to pay.  Friday we happened to notice someone in the area trimming trees and we asked about getting this one taken out.  They priced it at about half of what the other crew had offered, so... the tree is gone and we have a bit of firewood if we want it... or we told the neighbor they could use it if they wanted it.

We have two fireplaces in the house but we've rarely used them in the 20 plus years we've been here.  Usually have gone to the store and bought a "presto" log, just to try it out.  Like most fireplaces, they aren't meant to actually heat the house, but more as a decorative touch.

Weather has been nice for the most part, the past few days.  Raining on Saturday, and often there's enough wind to put a chill in the air on what otherwise could be fairly nice days.  Looks like I won't get to check out my new snow shovel/snow pusher until next year.  Probably should have ordered it sooner, but I was trying to see if I could find one locally, rather than ordering from that on-line company whose name is the same as one of the world's largest rivers.  Looks like it should do the job quite well, and will save me from having to lift and toss snow.  The only thing that's wrong as far as I can tell, is the wheels need to be larger, or the main frame/extension needs to be stepped down to the wheels.  As it is, that part slopes down from where it attaches to the shovel, to the wheels.  That means the pivot where the blade can angle leans backwards, and when the blade is angled to the side, it's not level.  If the wheels are both on the ground then one side of the shovel is raised.  If the shovel is level, then one wheel is not on the ground.  That may not make much difference in actual use, but I've been trying to figure out how to remedy the situation.  Either by installing larger wheels, or by modifying the frame.

Currently reading something called Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister.  Fantasy Romance as near as I can tell.  Think it is something I won as a door prize at a Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers meeting.  I don't read Romance on a regular basis, but I do read fantasy, and it seems to be very well written.  And I believe one should read as many different genres and types of books as possible.

That's probably it for now.  Might have a bit of an excerpt to post next.
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