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Writing, work on the third Stone Island Sea Story is going good at present.  Last time I was here, I noted I'd finished up Chapter Twenty-Three, the one I was working on nearly a year ago when I somehow got away from writing.  As of last night I have the majority of Twenty-Four complete.  Quite possibly I'll finish it tonight and get into the next one.  The first book was originally twenty-six chapters but I move the last two to become the second and third of the second book, which ended up being twenty six chapters long.  So based on chapter count I've only got a couple more to go.  But it might also depend on where the story ends up, so there could be one or two more beyond that.  (It can be interesting to see how different writers use chapters.  I talk a little bit about it in a fairly recent post here on LJ.)

My first attempt a cover art for Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story

If anyone has visited my web-site (link above) lately, you may have noticed that it's in need of some updating.  Quite honestly, I'm a little nervous about doing so... not because of anything I'd want to put up, take down, etc., but supposedly it's been migrated to a new hosting site.  The same thing occurred with the site for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers,and despite claims that it would be painless, it was not.  I found out how to get into the site and make changes, but they weren't showing up on the site.  Then it appeared we'd need to change the web-address, the URL to work with the new hosting service.  Finally discovered they'd put us back on the old service so we could use the old URL.  I don't mind them changing the hosting service, but we should not have to change the web-address for that.  Ir would really be a pain if we had to.  All the printed information would need to be changed.... in the newsletter, on the site itself, business cards, etc.  So for the time being I've been a little reluctant to even check into it on my site.  The two sites are through different companies, but both were hosted by the same service and were changed to the same new one.  One of these days, I guess.

This next bit might fit into my recurring "things that irk me" rant.  It seems the meaning of "season" when it comes to television shows has changed over the years.  It used to be that the new season, the new shows started in the fall and ran until the spring.  If a particular show, say Hogan's Heroes was on Friday nights, you could be assured of seeing a new episode every Friday night during the "season."  Only when spring and summer arrived would you see reruns.  Now, a lot of shows run for six, eight, or ten episodes and call it a season.  All year long we see so called season finales, season premieres, etc.  And the one thing that bugs me the most... tuning in to watch one of the shows I enjoy during the "season" expecting to see a new episode and discovering that for some reason they are showing a repeat of an earlier episode.  I've noticed that sometimes they do that if something special is on another station or network and perhaps don't expect to have the viewership they would like.  And of course, if a particular station/network runs something special... a televised presidential debate for example, they may not air regular or new programning afterwards.  And if the shows are re runs or not shows I look forward to watching, it's good, because I can shut the TV off and get a little work done on the book!

While sitting atop yours truly, Coco has seen or heard something outside

Finally... saw a tweet yesterday about a dog who will take and consume his medication right our of his owner's hand.  No need to coat it in peanut butter or clamp the dog's mouth shut to get him to swallow it.  Coco is the same way.  Vet has him on something to grow some hair in some places where it was getting thin.  He's gotten to the point that if I shake the pill bottle, he comes running and he'll grab and take it from my hand.

More next time!
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