Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Back to the Story

So some might recall that in November of 2018, I got off my rear end and paralleled #Nanowrimo to get back on track with the third Stone Island Sea Story.  I got quite a bit done that month and in the few months that followed.  Finally, as we moved into the past summer I fizzled out.  By then I'd completed the twenty-second chapter and had nearly all of the twenty-third written.  I'd also done a preliminary edit, complete with updates to the computer files of the first twenty-two.  Somehow I got a way from it until last week.

What I've discovered is I can't or don't like to do long extended computer sessions.  Usually by the time I've checked e-mail, looked over social media, and perhaps done something regarding the writers group I belong to, or the car club I'm in, I no longer want to be here at the keyboard.  So I shut it off and never get back to it.  Usually end up in front of the TV and then decide to just stay there.  (Yes, it's a round about way of saying I'm lazy.)  A lot of the time I'm watching just to be watching.  Decided last week that unless there is something on that's on my "gotta see it" list, I'm not going to watch.  With the current schedule of evening TV there is only one night that doesn't give me at least an hour and a half where I can get a way from that screen and instead focus on the computer screen.... and write!

Anyway, I've finished up Chapter Twenty-Three and have a decent start on Twenty-Four.  Didn't get any writing done over the weekend, but am planning to do more this week.  Last post or fairly recently I mentioned that I'd also gotten back to doing a bit of exercising and maybe that touch of activity has revitalized my day to day existence.

Finished reading Out of the Sands by fellow Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers member K. M. Carter earlier today.  Not sure at this time what I'll read next.  More next time.
P. S. Belated Happy Birthday to nodbear

Painted this tropical island scene a couple decades ago, not long after I'd helped Jessica make a similar diorama for a school assignment.
Tags: #nanowrimo, birthday wishes, spokane authors, what i've read, writing progress
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