Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Things That Irk Me, And....

I've touched on crossword puzzles before, and this morning I came across a recurring item that, well, irks me.  The clue was, "antlered animal," and the alloted space had room for four letters.  "Deer!" I thought and wrote it in.  Later as I did down portion of the puzzle it turned out the correct entry was "elks."  Now it might be a regional thing, an incorrect usage thing passed on through generations, but I've always understood the plural of "elk" to be "elk," just like the plural of "deer" and "moose" is "deer" and "moose." There is a deer/moose/elk in the meadow.  There are thirteen deer/moose/elk in the meadow.  "Elks" to me is a miswritten possessive, "elk's" or perhaps reference to a benevolent order, the Elks.  Anyway, I'll continue to think "deer" when confronted with similar clues and space for four letters.

As well in today's paper, a letter in the daily advice columm praised the availability of audio books and how having and listening to them could ease the frustration of a long traffic jam filled commute.  I'm sure it has helped this individual out and has made his/her daily drive more relaxing.  But I wonder if it's possible to become so entranced by the story that one becomes distracted?  Could someone be so much into the story they miss a turn or worse yet fail to notice a car stopped or slowing in front of them?  Or is it more akin to listening to music, the news, or talk radio of somekind while driving?

Sunset from late last month!

More next time!
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