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What's Up? Part II.

Yesterday I watched the second game of the Seattle Dragons of the newly reconstituted XFL.  Better results this time... they won, and all in all it was a good game.  They played at home, in Century-Link stadium, the Seahawks (of the NFL) home field.  Pretty good crowd, too, and I've heard the biggest so far in the XFL's short history.  Lots of support from the crowd, which is always good.  One thing I like about the XFL games so far is they take a little less time to play.  The game yesterday was over in a little under three hours, while with an NFL game you can expect to watch for nearly three and a half hours.

Since Coco came to live with us a couple of years ago, he and I have gone out to walk nearly everyday.  He looks forward to it and just about drags me out the door, except now he doesn't actually want to walk any distance.  He'll spend a lot of time snooping around, doing his thing, marking territory, but he doesn't want to go more than a couple houses either side of ours.  I guess he figures that's his territory and it's hard to get him to go past that.  Now and then I insist, and once we get to and turn the corner, he's fine, but I hate to force him if he doesn't want to.  But I figure it's good for both of us and will keep trying.  Maybe as it warms up this spring he'll feel more like getting away from the immediate area.  Sometimes I'm thinking that if he doesn't want to walk I should just go do so myself.  I probably need the exercise more than him.

Speaking of which, a couple of years ago I mentioned that I was trying to avoid being a couch potato... being retired and no longer working.  I talked about walking with Coco and using a couple sets of weights I have, plus a roller wheel to try and stave off melting into a blob of protoplasm.  I did really well at it for a while but somehow lost the drive.  I've been trying to do a little bit here lately, even if it's doing a set of curls or something while watching TV.  I've managed to keep at it for the past week and I'm hoping to continue on.

Yesterday finished reading The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.  Good story in the modern sense.  Multiple story lines, multiple POVs.  Right to the point, with no frills, but interesting and one that was hard to put down.  I did notice another, perhaps unique use of chapters.  The story was made up of about 140 chapters, each about 2 pages long.  It's not the way I would do it and use chapters, but it seemed to work here.  So far, my Stone Island Sea Stories have averaged 25 chapters per book, with each being about eleven pages in published format.  I guess it all depends on how the author views chapters and how s/he uses them.  I've seen some books with chapters like mine, anywhere from twenty or so up to forty.  I seen some with just a handful of really long chapters, and some where chapter length can vary from a single word to dozens of pages.

Most of the time there is a connection, a continuity from chapter to chapter to keep the story flowing, but at times, the so called chapters or sections are nearly complete stories in and of themselves.  This is noticeable in two of Forester's Hornblower books.  Mr.Midshipman Hornblower is, in my opinion, a collection of eleven short stories.  It's possible to read each as a complete, self-contained tale.  There is an overarching story but it isn't really necessary to read them in order.  Reference to past stories is minimal.  Likewise, Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies is a collection of five novelettes or perhaps novelas.  Again there is a continuing story but each section is complete within itself.  Interesting that the first and last books in the series take this approach while the ones in between follow a more traditional use of chapters.  In one, the first one written, known either as Beat To Quarters or The Happy Return, the book is also broken into Parts, with both Parts and Chapters being named.  I think it's because of this I decided to name chapters in my work.

Not sure if we'll have more snow this year, but there is still plenty of time for it.  Just ordered a wheeled show shovel that should make clearing the walks and driveway a little easier.  I will be able to angle the blade to one side or the other and just "plow" it to the edge, rather than having to scoop and throw it.  Should make the job go faster and will also be a little easier on me.  If we don't get more snow this year, I'll have it for next.

that's about it for now.  More next time!

Coco enjoying last month's snow!
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