Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Shirt Sleeve Weather?

It's warmed up considerably over the past few days.  Most of the time it's been raining, so in my mind it's so called, "nasty weather."  Snow is gone from the roads and streets, and is fast melting off other areas.  Houses across the street, which face to the north have more left than we do.  Those yards stay in the shade most of the day and the snow doesn't melt as fast.  It's nice to not have to shovel, but honestly I miss the pristine, icey beauty of a snow covered land scape.  And it's just not to look at.  If I have the proper clothing, I enjoy being out in it.  That might be a hold over from my early childhood in Alaska.  As I remember my folks telling it, they'd bundle me up and I'd go traipse around in the snow by the hour, even when it was well below zero.

Last night's sunset.  Still some snow on the ground, but it's fast disappearing.

Other things around here are getting back to normal.  Eva had spent a couple weeks in the Philippines and came back Wednesday.  Should have been Tuesday, but that was some confusion as to when her flight left over there.  Needless to say, I got a little worried when she didn't call for me to go get her at the airport at the specified/scheduled time.  I think by now she's finally getting over the jet lag incurred on the trip.  Coco is really glad she's back.  For the first couple of days, when it was about time she'd normally come home from work, he'd just stop and stare at the back door as if he were expecting her to walk in.

Coco and Eva, Halloween of 2018.

I'm sure Stormie is glad she's back as well, but she didn't seem to notice quite as much.  Just her usual self, chatting away from atop her cage.  And the three of us seemed to do okay during Eva's absence,  At least the house is still standing and somewhat livable.
That's it for today.  More next time.
Tags: alaska, coco, misc, pets, stormie
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