Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Snow Hiatus

Today is the third day in which I've not had to go out and shovel.  It did snow a little Saturday but it didn't amount to much and most of what fell melted and blended in with what remains.  Yesterday was semi-clear and warm as is today.  Well warm enough to be above freezing by a good bit.  Noticed that the street, which, although plowed, was a layer of compact snow, turned to slush and got chewed up by passing vehicles.  Even the little path I've got into the back for Coco softened a little and then froze as the night came on.  Really slick now and it's fun watching him try to navigate it.

Coco and I usually go out, supposedly for a walk in late morning.  While I'd like to see us go around the block and perhaps up the street and around the neighboring block... put some distance on the day, he'd rather just nose around the front yard and up and down the street a little.  I think he likes the colder weather as it can be hard to get him to come back in.  If it's raining, he won't even want to go out, and I almost have to force him to go out back to do his business.  But he likes going out on the leash, wearing his sweater and getting a chance to visit any neighbors that might be out and about.

Still a lot of snow in yards and piled up where it got shovelled, but there are a lot of bare spots as well.  Main roads and streets are bare and walks that have been shovelled regularly are clear as well.  Biggest problem now is overnight when we drop below freezing and everything that melted during the day refreezes.

No new or recent pics, so here's this one looking up the street to the east, past the front windows of the house.  It was taken last Monday.

Hoping everyone has a good week!
Tags: coco, misc
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