Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Still Acting Like Winter

It's warmed up some since the last time I posted.  Some areas have melted and then again froze, but the snow fall seems to be less and less each day.  Just enough last evening to shovel again today.

Last night around 8pm, and a gentle snow fall.  This is a view along the east side of the house, looking towards the street.  Coco is out for necessities, and enjoying a romp in the snow.

Interesting to note how involved or not involved folks around the neighborhood are when it comes to keeping sidewalks and driveways cleared off.  You can see some who will be out several times a day.  Everytime it snows even a quarter of an inch they feel like they need to clear it off.  Others, like me try to get out and shovel or otherwise clear the snow once a day or so.  Others do it less frequently, and some don't even bother.  I shovelled today for the eighth day in a row, but our neighbors, the ones we share a driveway with haven't bothered.  They're younger and probably more fit than I am, so I can't see doing it for them.  If it were the proverbial little old ladie with arthritis and a cane, I might, out of the goodness of my heart, have shovelled a couple of times at least.  As it is, I've been keeping the entire lower end of the driveway cleaned out.... from the street and across the sidewalk.  And I've cleared off our half of the drive way, including the shared center track.  All they would need to do there is one shovel width up the farside tire track that is theirs.  It's still grass in between and their car has kept that down somewhat.  Farther up, the driveway splits/separates and I've only done our portion.  But their front walk and the side walk across the front of their house has never been done... except when the neighbor on the other side of us has had his snow blower out and has done both sides of the street from corner to corner.

Amazes me to see the attitude and expectations people have regarding how the city plows and cleans off the streets.  And in my opinion the city has done a great job of it.  Our street has been plowed once, maybe twice, and in most places is still covered, but it is compacted and not that bad for driving, although it might be a little slippery.  Some people seem to expect it to be plowed down to bare pavement.  On the other hand, I can remember years past where the city (and county, and State) would start plowing the main roads, get them as clear as possible, but before they could get to the side streets, the residential areas, it would snow again and they'd start over on the main roads.  Pretty soon the side streets would be so deep that people were getting stuck on the side streets, not because they were slippery, but because the snow was just too deep.  Or they would finally get around to plowing residential areas after the streets were at least packed down and accessible for most, and after people had shovelled out parking spaces, access to driveways, and so on.  Then people would get mad because they'd have to go out and shovel out the berm the snow plows left behind.  And if it's old compacted, just about turned to ice snow that can be a very difficult chore.  Now a lot of the plows are equipped with gates that the driver can close off while passing a driveway.  That way there is no or very little berm to be removed by hand.

Coco's playing lap dog. Yeah, that's my foot on the right of the pic. Taken last night.

So today is supposed o remain fairly cool, right at freezing, depending on one's source of weather information.  Then it's supposed to warm up a bit and if we get any precipitaion it's likely to be as rain.

So here I am, just rattling along with some thoughts on winter and snow removal.  Once the mailman comes and Coco gets to see him, I need to do my usual Friday run around town.  I check mail for the Corvair Club and for Spokane Authors.  If anyone in either group has sent in/paid dues, I'll go to the respective Credit Union to deposit it.  I also stop by the local supermarket to get my Lotto ticket, a bit o wine and some beer for the coming week.

Happy Friday Everybody!  Have a great weekend and a good week next week!
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