Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

This and That Again

Today finally feels like, acts like a true winter's day.  Temps are in the 20s (F) and the sky is partly cloudy or even partly sunny at times.  Brisk, but not super cold, but cold enough the snow that fell last night is somewhat powdery and not a soggy mass of slush.  Sure is a lot easier to shovel.

Looking East across the front of the house, taken around noon today!

Another thing in the list of things that irk me... As a reader, it bugs me when an author, usually when writing dialogue, misspells words trying to conger up some quaint dialect.  I don't mind the occasional contraction, or omission of a letter here and there, but sometimes it's done to the point that the word or phrase is unrecognizable at first or even second glance.  To me, it's distracting if I have to go back and sound it out to gain an idea of what the character is saying.  Takes me out of the reading flow, I guess.  I don't mind things like "sez" for "says" and the like, but some are really difficult to comprehend at first glance.  In my own writing I try to use the order or arrangement of the words to indicate a person's speech characteristics, more so than trying to spell them to reflect particular pronunciations, dialects, etc.

Coco was just barking at something so I went to look and saw a FedEx truck across the street, delivering a package.  I got to wondering... if Fed Ex and UPS combined, would they be known as a Fed Up Service?

That's it for now.  More next time.

Tags: coco, misc
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