Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Web-Site Woes and Frustrations

As many of you know, I act as Web-Master (Web-Disaster?) for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  Several months ago the company (well known, based on a family member title) told me they were going to "migrate" the web-site/account to a new hosting service.  It would be a smooth process, they said, where I would not have to do much of anything or be inconvenienced in any way.

Logo for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  I did not create this. It was made by a former member named Connie.

Well, the apparent migration evidently took place while I was in the process of doing updates and the like to the site.  I'd been able to download and work on various items, but then found I couldn't load them back in.  Later I found I could get to the new hosting site and do the changes, but they weren't showing up on the site itself.  Even Jessica, the computer whiz in the family wasn't able to figure it out.

Finally did the obvious and called them.  "Oh, we need a new domain name for the routing," or something similar, they told me. "Yeah, sure," I replied and we agreed on something.  I was thinking it was internal, but turned out the new link/URL/Domain Name was needed to get to the web-site.  Yeah, updates were now showing up, but I didn't think it was right that we'd need to actually change the link/URL.  So many places, on other web-sites, publications, individuals' business cards, etc would all need to be changed.  So I called back a day later and basically demanded they get it to where the site could be accessed via the old link/URL.

Got some hemming and hawing over that, and for a while, nothing seemed to change.  I even mentioned in an e-mail to the other SASP members that they might need to use the new URL to access the site.  Then I noticed that using the new URL, I was  unable to get to the site, but that once again, the original worked.

By that time I had a lot of updates, changes and corrections that needed to be made.  I figured I'd try again to use the new hosting and see if it actually updated.  This time I wasn't able to get to the hosting program.  Seems like it wanted a new URL, one that was not currently being used... as in the old/current hosting system.  But, I was able to get into the old hosting and now it seems as if everything is running fine.  I can get into the site, make changes, and they are showing up.  Also, the site is accessible via the original/old/current URL/Link.  Phew!

Books by SASP members on display at a past meeting.

"They" said the new hosting is supposed to be better, and maybe it is.  But again, we shouldn't have to change the web-address for the site, just because they go to a new hosting service.  I'd be happy if they just left it alone, as it is now.  As mentioned, I can make the changes, they show up, and the site can be reached by the original web-address.

One of these days I'll need to do some updating on my own web-site.  It's through another company, but they too have decided to "migrate" hosting services to the same place. Supposedly mine has been moved.  Just hoping it has gone smoother. and that they don't expect me to change the URL for that one.

Finished reading Larry Danek's Jed's World a couple of weeks ago.  Lately I've started Chisolm's Debt, by Spokane Area author Frank Zafiro.  Should finish that up in a few days.  Had planned to parallel NaNoWriMo again in November, but somehow didn't get to it.  Then decided I'd do my own in December, and as things turned out, didn't do it then either.  Now I'm telling myself that January will be the month for me to get back to Darnahsian Pirates.  I've got maybe two or three chapters, perhaps four to go before I reach the end.  Just have to get back to it.

More next time,
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