Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Coco's Christmas!

Last night, Christmas Eve, Coco caught the scent of something interesting to him.  It was under the tree, so he crawled in after it.  He simply guarded a particular package, which it turned out, contained something Eva had bought for him.  The only way to get him out from under the tree was to remove the package, open it and let him have it.  It was a doggie chew toy, an orange plastic snake about a foot long.  He's played with it, gotten us to play with him playing with it, or just kept a protective eye on it.
Here are a couple pics of the pup under the tree...

"Sketch" special effects from the phone.

Coco the Canine Christmas Elf!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!
Tags: coco, holiday greetings, pets
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