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Story Excerpt: Merry Christmas

This short scene is from Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story, chapter Twenty, "Yet So Far to Go."  In it, we find Edward Pierce mentally journeying back home, back to his family and his youth.  I'm not sure if he's remembering a Christmas celebration or not, but it does seem that he could be.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearHappy Holidays! if you celebrate other/additional joyous occasions.

             Now, some four months after departing Sidney, Pierce stood immobile on the deck of Island Expedition as she sailed northward through the Atlantic. While others topside thought the schooner’s captain watched every move they made, in truth, he was many miles and years away.  He was aware of the activity on deck, the motion of the ship, and their general position upon the sea.  Yet he was at home, in the little house of his childhood, warm and cheery, along with his parents and brothers.  In a strange twist of time and place, he was there as a boy, and yet Evangeline was there with him.  They were all in the kitchen, seated at a small plain table, drinking hot cider, eating roasted chestnuts, and telling fanciful tales.  There was a lot of laughter, and the warmth that can only be found amongst family and true friends.
            That cheerfulness starkly contrasted with the dismal day that surrounded Pierce’s physical presence on board Island Expedition.  He had noted, before his mind journeyed home, that if an artist had painted this particular day, he would have needed only black and white to blend into various shades of dull and depressing gray.  Even those parts of the vessel that were normally bright and contrasting could have been depicted in somber and dull tones.  The sky was solidly overcast, although at the moment, no precipitation came from it.  A limited amount of light reflected off those sullen clouds onto the surface of the choppy sea.  There was enough wind to create a flurry of whitecaps upon the water’s surface, but even these were seen as hues of gray.  Having been away from England for so long, and nearing the end of the long voyage home, he should have been joyful.  Yet his mood matched the gloom of that mid-autumn day.

Did some special effects with this picture of our tree in the front window.  I think this was in 2016.
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