Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Things That Irk Me!

I seem to come up with ideas to post here all the time, but when I get here I find that often they've abandoned my memory bank.  Thus I end up not posting as often as I would like.  I've often thought of posting about those things that somehow bug or irk me and perhaps today I'll get started.  (There are several and if I can, I'll try to tell you about one or two on a fairly consistent basis over the next weeks.  I won't guarantee anything as it seems I keep letting this aspect of my on-line life slide a little.)

Near the top of my list of Things That Bug Me is the habit of adding "State" to the name of the State in which I reside.  You'll hear television news people talk about Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, and WASHINGTON STATE.   Why?  I suppose it's to avoid confusion with the other Washington, the one back East, the city that serves as our Nation's Capital.  To me, if you are talking about the capital, you would say, "Washington, D. C." to ensure folks know that is the locale of which you speak.  Much of the time, context will properly identify which Washington you are speaking of.  If you are speaking of several states in the Pacific Northwest and mention Washington, it should be clear that you are speaking of the State and not the city.  Likewise, if you mention the Cascades, the Columbia River, Puget Sound, the wheat fields, etc, the fact you speak of the state should be clear.

fall foliage beyond the back fence.

In my opinion the need to clarify by adding "State" to the State's name should be a rare occasion.  Yet if people insist, perhaps the name of the State should officially be changed to "Washington State," or officially, "The State of Washington State."  Then we would have such institutions and governmental departments as the Washington State State Department of Transportation, Washington State State University, (Go COUGS!) and the University of Washington State Huskies.  We'd also have the Eastern Washington State University Eagles and more.  Of course, then, folks would tend to drop "State" from the name and I would be upset that people keep saying "Washington" instead of "Washington State."

Hoping the upcoming first week of November finds everyone in good health and great spirits.
Tags: life in america, misc
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