Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

More Ambition

Well, a teeny bit more today!  Rained some yesterday and it's cooler than it was.  The flower beds between the house and driveway which I had cleared out a month or so ago had begun to sprout all manner of vegetation, primarily weeds and a rehash of what had been there, so today I began clearing them out again.  Got most of the actuall grow pulled or chopped down and did a little over half with hoe and rake, trying to get rid of as many roots and bulbs as i could.  Some were huge masses and others were very small onion like bits, some no more than the size of a pea.  Can't claim to have gotten them all, and I'm sure some of them will eventually grow and sprout, but hopefully there should be less the next time.  Also have the smaller half to go over with the hoe and rake in order to get as much out as I can.  Eva mentioned she'd like to plant roses there, and I'm thinking to just have some ground cover of some kind.  I also want to build a border around the one basement window and possibly around the gas meter as well.

From what I've seen on social media, this is #IndieAugust a celebration or promotion for #IndieAuthors (independent and or self-published authors.  Yesterday I started posting on Twitter about members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers and their books.  Think I've done about ten indviduals so far, and will do a few more today.  Hopefully I'll get through the entire list by the end of the month.  If I stay on track I might even be able to go through the list again.  Basically I'm doing a single tweet per SASP member, listing links to their book(s) on Amazon and including cover pics if I have them.  And of course I include mine from time to time.  (BTW my Twitter handle is @stoneisland1803)

Since LJ doesn't seem to get as much use as it once did, I commonly but a link to posts here on my Facebook Page, and my LJ posts automatically link to twitter..... just in case anyone is wondering.

Yesterday I started reading The Hat Pin Murders by fellow SASP member Joyce Caudel.  I'd won a copy of it as a door prize at a SASP meeting a couple of months ago.  I'm far enough into it that the first murder has just taken place.

Wow, I'm posting two days in a row.  Perhaps I should slow down a little so as not to wear myself out or shock anyone with the frequency.  Anyway, more next time.
Tags: #indieaugust, #indieauthors, marketing, misc, self-publishing, spokane authors, what i'm reading
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