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Fri, Aug. 9th, 2019, 10:42 am
Summertime Laziness

Well, that's about the only way I can describe it.  Whatever ambition I may have had has disappeared.  I'm hoping (blaming it) on the warm summer weather we've had as of late, as well as the smoky skies caused by wild fires in the region.  (Yesterday our air was rated worst in the nation.)  And as you may have noticed, I just haven't been posting here as often as I usually do.  If it was because I was simply super busy, it would be different, but I'm not busy... just no gumption at the time.
Oh, I'm sure I'll get over it, perhaps after this weekend of rain and thunderstorms.  They might clear the air and also the fog within my brain.

So the last time I posted, I showed the results of having the house painted.  Also mentioned that we were a bit dissatisfied with the final results, specifically the  accent color.  Primarily it was to close to the original color and looked like those areas hadn't been painted.  We chose a different color, a darker blue, and one of the crew came back the next week and repainted the areas of concern.  Also painted the front door and the side door into the garage in that same dark blue.  Because the  paint we bought was almost gone we had the back door painted the same as the overall house.  Works good with the white trim and is hidden behind the side fence and gate.

The final results

Finally finished reading Turn Red Tomorrow by Michael Zargona.  Hope to have a review written for it in the near future.  Have reviews pending on a number of books, but there's the situation mentioned at the top of this post.  If and when I do get them written, I'll post them here.

Mon, Aug. 12th, 2019 12:13 pm (UTC)

Sorry to hear you had problems initially with the painting work but I have to say it really looks great in the photos and with the white trim even better. Lapis Lazuli almost !
sets off the pots and shrubs too - certainly on a Summers day .

Mon, Aug. 12th, 2019 06:57 pm (UTC)

No problems with the painting itself. The crew did a great job. It was only the selection of the final accent color that was off. We chose the scheme from a brochure at the paint store and like the variation on the pictured home. Perhaps if our house was of a different style, or if the final accent color had not been so close to the old original color, it might have worked. As it was, both the painting crew and us didn't like the final results. The "boss" is the one who suggested a dark blue in place of the yellow.

Of course each paint company picks their own names for their colors, so based on that, the overall "body" color is "Storm Cloud." The trim is "Alabaster," and the accent "Dress Blues." The original accent was "Ramie." When we decided to go with the darker blue, I was thinking of finding a darker version of the "Storm Cloud," sort of what it would be when in shadow. As usual with stuff around the house I got out voted. Like what we have, so not really complaining.

A neighbor told us it has a nautical look, which might be because the original scheme came from the store's "Northern Shores and Seaports" folder. Now I want to figure out a way and a place to put up an anchor or crossed oars or something! (Maybe a dummy, full-sized 32 pounder carronade on the porch!