Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
Dave McChesney

Home Improvement, part II.

The painting crew finished most of the prep work on Monday, the day before the last post.  They didn't work Tuesday because of rain, but were back at it on Wednesday.  Once they got started painting, it went fast.  They were done, cleaned up, and gone by mid afternoon on Thursday.  We are well pleased with the quality of work and the overall look.  We don't particularly like the accent color on the front peaks or facades of either the house or the garage.  (We got it, as it was a part of the scheme suggested in the pamphlet we got from the paint store.  For one thing, it's really close to the old main/body color, so it looks like we just didn't paint that part.  We are in the process of choosing a different color, probably a darker blue for those areas.  We'll also do the doors in that as well, and if we replace the shutters that used to be by the front door and add them to most of the windows, they'll likely be the darker blue as well.  So here are some pics.

Progress as of the middle of Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon... just about done.  Just a bit of touch up left to go.

About done on this side as well.

Just thought you'd like to see.
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