Dave McChesney (vespican) wrote,
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Home Improvement

No, not the TV show from years ago with Tim Allen.
Anyway, now that I'm retired, I'm trying/we are trying to improve the appearance of our house a little.  So far, nothing really drastic.... other than the current in progress project...
Over the past few weeks I've pulled or dug up most of the plants, bushes, flowers in the flower bed alongside the house, the narrow bed that separates the house from the drive way and curls around to the front step.  We had a stack of red scalloped bricks (actually concrete) that Eva had bought a few years ago.  Installed them along the drive way but ended up being about two or three short to finish the job.  Realized we had a bunch of lava rock in various sizes half buried in the back, so I used that to finish up.  Got some of it to stick up too high so occasionally trip over it.  Guess I'll have to rearrange and reinstall sometime.  Als started a similar border along the drive way to the street side side walk.  So far, just a few of the lava rocks as we'll need to go get some more of the scalloped bricks.

Ran out of scalloped brick so finished up with the lava rock.

To the right you can see where I started another border with the lava rock.  Plan to finish with the scalloped brick sometime.

Current, ongoing project is having the house exterior painted.  Hired a local contractor who gave us a decent price.  They started prep work last week, but because of another job they had, they could only put one person on it.  Yesterday they had a fairly full crew and got a lot done.  Raining this morning so they have delayed/postponed doing anything today so far.  They got a lot of scraping/priming, and replacing delapidated shingles done yesterday.

This is what the house looked like yesterday in the early afternoon.

If you are wondering, we are changing the color scheme.  The main color is called "Storm Cloud" and is a medium grayish blue.  Trim will be "Alabaster", an off white, and will replace the trim that is now medium blue and salmon.  There's a third "accent" color with the scheme as well.  It's called "Ramie" and is almost the same as the yellow the house is now.  We are going to do the vertical paneling at the peak, over the front window in that, plus maybe the front door and under the eaves.  The garage also has that same vertical paneling so it too will be in the accent color.  Thinking that we will paint all the regular doors, front, back and garage entry in the accent color, but we'll probably leave the actual garage door, the one for car entry as it is.  It's a fairly new door and is basic white.  (I might get ambitious and do some with it later on, but we aren't going to have the contractor/painters do anything with it.

By the way, we found the color scheme in one of the brochures we got at the paint store.

Another view, this time showing the vertical paneling on the garage.  Backboard and hoop are coming down as no one uses them anymore.

Will post pics when the painting is completed.
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