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I keep telling myself I'm going to post regularly here.  Yet I look and discover it's been, basically a month since I last did so.  Can't say I've been all that busy.  Just not getting to it.  Hoping to do better as the summer progresses.

And since I'm here, how about some thoughts on lawn and yard work?  Anyway, I did the front yard to day.  Mowed, edged, trimmed a bit and picked it all up.  Anyway, I try to mow about every six days.  That way I'm only taking a very little bit off the top of the grass.  Plus that, with the mower I've got, everything gets thrown forward to be recut, and it it's too much it clogs up and is hard to push.  It'll lock up and let the wheels skid instead of turning the blades to cut.

Bought this Fiskars hand mower two summers ago.  Still doing a great job.

From about a year ago... most recent pic in the files showing the yard.  I've trimmed up most of the visible bushes since then.

Usually when spring arrives and the grass starts growing again, we hire someone to power rake the yard, digging up all the dead stuff that's accumulated since the past year.  Somehow we didn't get to it this year, so I just started mowing sometime in April and have kept going.  I've also water regularly and it seems to have greened up and seems to be staying nice and green.  I also usually do a few applications of weed and feed, but haven't yet done so this year.  Partially because I like a nice calm day so the stuff doesn't get on broad-leafed plants I don't want to get rid of.  To me it's always been a smidgeon to windy so I've not bother to do it.  Thinking I might have to as there are a few undesirable things starting to show up.  I'm using a mechanical weeder to take care of dandelions, but some of the other stuff isn't as succeptable to my efforts.  I'd also decided the regular white clover was okay, but looks like I might have to kill it off in order to get to the other stuff.  Now it's sort of a race to let it sit a day or two after mowing and then try to find a day with little chance of rain and little or no wind.  Weather guessers are talking about rain and thunderstorms later today and possibly for the next couple of days, so hopefully I'll get a chance at it later this week.

Always interesting to watch how other folks take care of their yards.  Notice a lot when taking Coco for walks.  Some places are basically weed patches, rarely mowed or watered, while other's are kept up fairly well.  Biggest thing I notice is many people don't edge and let their grass encroach on the walks.  In some places the sidewalk appears as much as a foot narrower than it really is.  I got a different string trimmer last year that does it really easy.  It has wheels so it can be done with little effort, and it looks so much better, at least in my opinion.

Reading wise... a couple of weeks ago I finished something called Gray Swallow by fellow SASP member Joan D. Carter.

Now I'm reading Turn Red Tomorrow, by SASP Member Michael Zargona.  Basically it's the story of what might happen if society, government, civilization break down.

It's a thick one so might take me a while to get through it.  So far seems to be well written and holds my interest.

Ideally I'll get more posted sooner than later.  Possibly I'll get back to putting up excerpts from the Stone Island Sea Stories.

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