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Dave McChesney

What's Up! Update!

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, whether excerpts from Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story, or book reviews... either from the files of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers, or one's I've written myself.  And it's been even longer since I've mentioned anything about writing progress, what I'm reading, etc.

As it is, I've been on a binge of sorts, reading works by fellow members of SASP.  First up was Waxing Is Useless by M. J. Hudon.  Despite it's title and the cover art, it is not meant to be a humorous story.  It deals with a housewife and mother dealing with Lupus and in a fantasy aspect, learning she is part of an extended family of werewolves... creatures that serve and protect.  Very well written and believable.

  Next, I read the third Emily Trace Mystery by Sue Eller.  It's called Send in the Drones, and can best be described as a cozy mystery with Science Fiction aspects.  As in the first two, it's easy reading and very entertaining.

Lastly, I've just started Gray Swallow by Joan D. Carter.  Seems to flow nicely, but I'm not far enough along to have developed an opinion on it yet.

And I have one more book by a SASP member to read.  It's called Turn Red Tommorow and is by Michael Zargona, who recently joined the group.

With regards to the third Stone Island Sea Story... I recently finished inputting edits on the computer for the first twenty-two chapters, the one's that are completed.  They are all noted as having been revised for the first time.  Now I suppose it's time to get back to the creative aspects and finish the thing up.  I'm close to the end of chapter twenty-three and figure it'll take a few more, three, four, five, or so to finish.  With weather as it is (rainy) this weekend might be the time to get back to it.

Until recently, weather has been nice, clear for the most part, no rain, and a couple of days into the low eighties.  I've been mowing regularly, and Tuesday mowed for the sixth time this year.  Or another way of looking at it, I started the second go around of mowing routes. I go around and around one time.  Then I go diagonally one way and then the other way.  Finally I go back and forth (east and west) and then back and forth (north and south).  That prevents any patterns becoming fixed into the yard.  So far it looks like I've been mowing about every six days.  I could probably let it go for a longer period of time, but I use a push mower and it gets too tall it just pushes over and doesn't cut.  Also, I can set the mower to send the clippings forward so they are recut.  If it gets too long it piles up and makes it nearly impossible to push and cut.  So I end up taking just a little bit off but doing it more often than folks with the gas and electric powered mowers.  I end up trimming along the walks and up against the buildings, etc. every second or third time I mow.  Have a battery powered string trimmer that has a couple of small wheels on it that makes it easy to trim or edge along the walks.  I've noticed that in place in the neighborhood where folks don't trim, that the apparent sidewalk is as much as a foot narrower than it really is.

I've also been thinking to spray a bit of weed and feed on the yard, hoping to get rid of the majority of the weeds and get it to grow a bit more.  But that is a task I like to save for a perfectly calm day, and so far I haven't found one that meets my criteria for "calm."  I did dig out a gadget Eva bought a few years ago called a "weed hound," and have used it to remove as many dandelions as I could.  You push it down over the weed, turn it and lift the weed out.  Of course as soon as I think I've got them all I notice another, but I seem to be staying even with them.  In addition it leaves little holes in the yard, almost like having it aerated, and I'm sure that helps.  Have been watering for the past couple of weeks so it's staying fairly green.  After our deluge last night and what appears to be a steady rain today, doubt I'll need to do any sprinkling for awhile.

Hopefully I'm back on track as far as posting goes and will get something else up in the next couple of days.  Maybe another excerpt from the Stone Island Sea Stories, another book review... I have several I need to write, or perhaps more on what's going on with me.
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