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Weekly Book Review

Still trying to catch up on reviews that have recently been added to the SASP files.  I've just finished reading the second one and will be writing a review shortly.

Reviewed by Esther J. Hildahl

         The Sanctamooja and Me is the author’s story of his young life. Brown writes about his adventures in a very humorous way. Often his adventures and ideas were quite dangerous and it’s a wonder he lived through childhood. I enjoyed reading this book and found that it became quite addictive. Most of the chapters are short and action packed and I couldn’t read just one chapter and stop. I had to read more and more to see what crazy thing would happen next. His characters—friends and relatives—were all very interesting and entertaining. The life and times of his childhood reminded me of my own childhood and brought back fond memories. This book was a fun book to read.

Waxing Is Useless

By M.J. Hudon

Reviewed by James B. Parry
         Don’t judge this book by its cover (or by its playful title.)  It is quite a serious (with some humor) fantasy, horror, thriller, murder mystery about a seemingly ordinary family.  Turns out, Mom (Miranda) has a weird recessive gene that causes her to turn into a wolf whenever stressed.  Events gradually reveal this to her, and later to her family, as her lupus and problems at work worsen, not to mention the stress caused by her two teenage children.
         This is a different kind of werewolf book.  These wolf/humans are here to HELP humankind.  (Not to worry:  There is a hideous - and odoriferous - monster lurking at all times in the background.)  Apparently, many people have this hidden wolf gene.  These “werewolves” then become “Guardians” protecting us normal human beings.  Miranda must decide if she wants to become a Guardian (which would greatly lessen her lupus symptoms) or stick with her regular life.
         There are many surprises in this book including a few murders, a kidnapping, and a sort of exorcism.  Exciting and well written.  It was hard to put it down.  Normally, I read a few pages of a book in bed each night before the book puts me to sleep, but Waxing Is Useless kept me reading for hours – until my wife would yell at me to turn out the light. 
         Buy a copy, and you, too, will be glued to this book.
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