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Mon, Feb. 11th, 2019, 02:01 pm
A Real Winter

Over the course of the so called winter months, perhaps actually starting in the fall, we here in the Pacific Northwest (of the USA) go through several cycles of autumn, winter, and spring.  It'll get cold, snow, and then warm up.  Then after a bit of non-descript weather, it'll do it all again.  Quite often it will warm up as it snows, so the precipitation changes to rain and the snow is a soggy wet mess.  Of course, if we go more than a week and a half without snow on the ground or the roads, folks need to learn how to drive in it all over again.

And if you watch the news, everytime it snows is like a big area disaster.  Yet, were we farther north, say in Fairbanks, Alaska, the snow and the cold would not be anything newsworthy.  It is expected.  And relying on decades old memory of my time there, those folks don't experience the constant cycling in and out of winter.  Once it starts, it's winter, and when it finally ends, it's spring.  They don't have to put up with several forays each year into the cold and snow as we do.  For them, winter is winter and that's that.

So over the past week end, we here in Spokane have had a bit of a chance at something approaching "real" winter.  It's cold, at least by our standards, probably balmy in the opinions of the average Alaskan.  It's snowing with great regularity, and for once it is not warming up to create a wet and sloppy mess.  Even shoveling is better this way.  The snow is light and powdery, easy to move and clear off of walks, driveways, and the tops of vehicles.  Even so, shoveling is work and I figure I've been getting some good workouts as of late.  I've shoveled at least once a day since the snow began and a couple of times I've shoveled twice in a day.  Twice now our neighbor, Joe, has been out with his snow blower.  He's done the side walk along the entire block as well as our driveway and a path for the mailman between our two houses.

Looks like we will be having some slightly warmer temperatures over the next few days, but I'm hoping it doesn't get too warm.  We have a lot of snow on the ground now so it would be nasty if it all started to melt.

Here are a few pictures.

Looking East across the front of our house.  You can see the path cleared out for the mail man.  We got a few more inches last night after this was taken.

From earlier today, before cleaning snow off the vehicles. (Yeah, Xmas lites are still up, but they've been disconnected.)

Also from this morning... the house as seen from the street.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is starting of smoothly!