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Thu, Jan. 31st, 2019, 03:48 pm
On the Subject of Health...

Speaking of health, I recent got what should be considered as good news.  If you happen to follow along here and have done so for awhile, you may remember that just before Thanksgiving of 2017 (November for you not in the US) I had some surgery.  Specifically I had a bowel resection because a recent prior colonoscopy had found cancer.  Last Friday I got back in for a follow up exam (colonoscopy) and they didn't discover anything.  The site of the surgery looked good and so did everything else they looked at.  Now I don't have to go back for another "borescope inspection" for three years.

Now, a little bit of preaching.... if you've been putting off have an initial or a follow up colonoscopy, don't put it off any longer.  If I would have went back a year after my very first one, I may not have needed to go through the surgery process.  I'd been told to come back in a year but this and that came along and it was five, six, or seven years before I went through it again.  And while the exam is not the most pleasant of experiences, it is a darn sight more comfortable than the surgery.  Of course, the prep is a pain in the butt.... literally, and to me the most uncomfortable part is them hooking up the IV before hand.  (And I had to do basically the same prep prior to the surgery, so...)  At least once the anesthesia wears off and you're into the next day, everything is fine.  Not so with the surgery..... there's a month, maybe two months where you are restricted in what you can do.  And as great as modern medicine is, there is always the chance of complications.  So, if I had it to do over again, I'd have gone back a year after my first colonoscopy and would have gone back for the next as the doctors ordered.

Regardless, I'm happy with the way things are now.