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Sun, Jan. 27th, 2019, 06:54 pm
Another Story Excerpt

Here is the first page of Chapter two of Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story!

Chapter Two
To Our Advantage
            Pierce was wet, miserable, and chilled through.  An after-midnight mist sifted through the rigging, condensed on the top hamper, and fell in large cold drops to the deck.  He could not escape the stinging drops of ice-cold water.  His body ached from the exertions of boarding and capturing the French barkentine the evening before.  His wound had been stitched and bandaged, but now his arm ached and throbbed.
            Upon his return to Theadora, he had found secure quarters for the French officers and reported to the captain.  When he finished those tasks and managed a bite to eat, he had fallen asleep in a wardroom chair.  The nap had lasted only minutes before he was awakened to assume duty as officer of the watch.
            He shifted the glass, strode to the helm, and glanced at the binnacle.  The course shown on the compass was the same as Captain Jackson had ordered the evening before.  Pierce felt the cold wind against his face.  It had not veered, backed, nor varied in strength during his duty stint.
           The midshipman of the watch stood by, ready to turn the glass.  The last grains of sand fell through and he turned it over.  Now in the upper compartment, the sand began another half hour’s descent to the lower chamber.  The young gentleman nodded, and forward a marine gently rang the ship’s bell.  Seven bells, three double “dings” and a lone final “ding” told all that the current watch was nearly over.

HMS Theadora 28, in which Edward Pierce is serving as Third Lieutenant at the beginning of the Stone Island Sea Stories.