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Sat, Jan. 5th, 2019, 02:52 pm
Weekly Book Review

Looks like I got a little off track as the year ended and a new one began.  Anyway, here is the last review from the files of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  (In the coming weeks I plan to go back through the list and post books new to the list or those where a review has been added to existing reviews of a book.

Reviewed by Kate Poitevin

        When I got the news of a release party for Years of Stone, I put it on my calendar.  That morning I arose to pouring rain and high winds, the weather was dismal.  I had to drive to the other side of Spokane, to a new and unfamiliar area, and run across a flooded parking lot, but nothing would deter me from finding out what happened to Mac and Deirdre.
        I was not disappointed.
        Years of Stone follows Mac and Deidre to Van Deimen’s Land, now known as Tasmania. Ms. Camp has woven the love story into the history of the time.  I had no knowledge of Van Deimen's Land before reading this book.  To my surprise, within days of finishing, several documentaries popped up on TV.  I was so excited to see the places and hear again the history.  You know how you feel when a city is in the news that you have been to and loved?  That's how I felt.
        Years of Stone had a satisfactory ending, but I want to know what happened to the rest of the McDonnells.  Now, I have to wait again….

Reviewed by Esther J. Hildahl
        In the year 1842 Deidre Scott and Mac McDonnell, the man Deidre loves and left Scotland for, are on a ship headed for Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania). Before they reach their destination, a storm comes up and their ship runs aground on an outcropping of rock. Through dangerous conditions, they must find their way to the beach and later to Hobart Town. Mac is a prisoner and has a sentence of seven years of hard labor to serve. He is beaten and treated very poorly. Deidre has promised to wait for him and must find work to support herself. Her dream is to be a schoolteacher and have her own school. She is befriended by Lady Franklin, the wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land. Lady Franklin is a good friend and tries to help Deidre and Mac when she can. But can Mac be saved when he is transferred to Port Arthur, the worst prison of all? Will Deidre and Mac ever be able to build a normal life for themselves?
        I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Years of Stone is book 2 of The McDonnell Clan. Camp is a very talented writer who writes an engaging story that the reader can truly get caught up in. It's a historical fiction book with well-defined characters and a wonderful love story. I recommend it to one and all.
        Available as an E-book on Amazon's Kindle and as a Paperback on Create Space.