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Thu, Dec. 27th, 2018, 02:10 pm
This and That

It seems I end up posting two or thee times, all in the same day, here on LJ.  Keep thinking I should spread it out over the week, but somehow that doesn't seem to work.  Maybe next time???

Anyway, we are through with Christmas for another year.  Jessica came over in the afternoon for dinner and we opened a few gifts.  Most were for the animals, Coco and Stormie.  For the most part we didn't buy a lot of gifts, but instead made some small donations to various charities.  I personally didn't do any shopping at all, perhaps because I'd been trying to shake off a cold.  It had me laid out pretty low a couple of days late last week and so I didn't bother to try and go anyplace or do anything.  Matter of fact, today is the first day I've felt pretty much back to normal, and even then I've got a lot of congestion and had a hint of an earache earlier.

No snow for Christmas, but it was foggy, so I guess Rudolph earned his keep.  Snowed yesterday, however, and we have two or three inches on the ground now.  For once the temperature is staying below freezing so it isn't all turning to slush and melting off.  Made it easier to shovel when I was out earlier in the day.  Did our front walk, most of our driveway, and the side walk in front of our place plus in front of the neighbors on either side of us.  Sometimes the neighbor(s) with snowblowers will do our walk, so figured it was a bit of paying it forward.  Since the snow wasn't all wet and heavy, it was fairly easy to shovel, so I figured, "why not?"

Earlier mentioned I'd finished reading Commodore Hornblower on Christmas and posted my review of it.  Today, started reading Lord Hornblower.  One more to go after that.  Noticed that when I wasn't feeling all that good, that my reading suffered... instead of sitting in the recliner and reading, I'd just nap or rest a bit.  And my writing went by the way side as well... I suppose there was a ten day gap where I didn't make any progress.  Part of that was when I was working on our family newsgram for the holidays, and then when I wasn't up to snuff, the ambition wasn't there.  Got back to it a bit last night and wrote three or four pages.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!