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Wed, Dec. 19th, 2018, 01:40 pm
Weekly Book Review

Here's another one from the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers file.  I think Bob (the author) has republished it as Vampire Justice.
Vampire & the Cop

By Bob Manion

Reviewed by Joyce Caudel
         I don’t usually read Vampire books, but because our own Bob Manion wrote this one, I read it. I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. Bob has created a whole society of supernatural inhabitants that is very believable.
         The book is set in Seattle, so there are at least some familiar places that I could identify with. His characters are very believable. There is murder and mystery that drew me into the story. With Bob you always know there is going to be some sex, but I was able to read without slamming the book down.
         If Bob Manion writes another Vampire novel with these same characters, it will definitely be on my reading list.