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Thu, Nov. 15th, 2018, 04:13 pm
Midweek Update

So here we are, halfway through the month.  I've manage to get a little something written on Stone Island Sea Story no. 3 on everyday but one, including today.  Actual word count for the month is at 18,381 and I have about 64 pages.  Having actually worked at it for fourteen days, I'm averaging just over four and a half pages a day and 1,313 words a day.  If I stay on pace I should end up completing a touch over 38,000 words by the end of the month.  The overall story is at a shade over 57,000 words and just over 200 pages now.

Preliminary sketch or doodle for  "Helm, Steer Between Them," cover art for Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story (book # 2)
I possibly could be a couple thousand words, a few pages ahead of where I am, but yesterday I decided I needed to make out an "event calendar" covering the time in which these stories take place.  I was starting to lose track of when certain events happened in the earlier stories and I wanted a quick a ready reference for those things.  Don't want some sharp eyed math genius reader to realize they made a voyage via sailing ship half way around the world in three weeks, or something like that.  So laid out a chart on a spread sheet, going from 1801 up to 1812 or so and then skimmed through the first two books to get a basic idea of when certain key points took place.  Hopefully it will help me from being too far off with regards to  times, distances, etc.

An in progress look at what became the cover art for the second book.
I'm sure I've mentioned now and then that I'm more of a "pantser" or instinctive writer than a plotter, planner, or outliner type.  I don't out line, but I do have a basic plan in my head.  I try to follow it some what, but I'm always open to change as I go along.  It's the stuff I've already written I need to keep track off.  Thus I created a list of characters several years ago.  Sometimes I even use that if I can't remember exactly how I spelled a character's name.  (Is it Newbury or Newberry?)  And everyonce in awhile I remember that a certain character existed and I want to bring him or her back, but don't remember the name at all.  Maybe a sign of growing a little older.  BTW the list of charactors is on the web-site.  I think it's under "RESEARCH" and probably is the only thing there.  It might have or provide a couple spoilers, so beware if you have a problem with them.

So anyway, that's where I'm at with trying to get back into this writing thing.