June 13th, 2021

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Cover Art for Book 3

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So, the last time I was here... after a long absence... I put up a pic of my in progress painting of the cover art for Darnahsian Pirates: The Third Stone Island Sea Story.  I finished it a day or two later, but wasn't really happy with it.  So, I've been working on another attempt at the scene, and as of today, it's about at the same stage of completion as was the first try when I posted it last week.
Anyway, here's the completed first version.

I'm not that happy with the proportions of OGS Island Expedition (on the left) and feel like the horizon and thus the two vessels are too high on the page.  Nor am I that pleased with the water.

Here's the newer version as it was before I started the latest session of working on it.

I'm a lot happier with it at this point...

And as it is right now... after the last session of work on it.  Now it just needs the details!

I'm much happier with it at this point than I was with the previous.