January 18th, 2021

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

On With The Story

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"Helm, Steer Between Them," cover art for Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story

When it comes to posting excerpts from the Stone Island Sea Stories, I've now reached the end of the first half of the second book, Sailing Dangerous Waters.  The following is from Chapter Thirteen, "The Diplomatic Voyage."

               It was a quite crowded table at supper that evening.  Smythe was aboard, on his way to pay an official and diplomatic call upon the Independent Lands government.  In effect, his was a “state visit,” as he was in all practical sense the governor of Stone Island.  Gibbons was along as well, for he had been nominated and confirmed as the island’s representative to the Joint Council.  Doctor Robertson had elected to return to the mainland aboard Island Expedition, rather than waiting for the merchantman that had brought him.  The doctor had also agreed to temporarily represent them in the Unity Congress.
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            “I would be intrigued, sir.  I am grateful you hold no animosity for succeeding with Mr. Morgan when you did not.  I am touched that you would consult me in your present case.  But unless we are urgently needed below, let us gain a little of the cooler air first.  I too may have reached my mark with the captain’s excellent wines.”
            On deck it was indeed cooler.  There, shipboard tradition prevailed and the more junior individuals moved to the lee, leaving the windward portion of the deck to Pierce and members of the official party.