March 11th, 2020

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Sigh of Relief!

Late last summer or sometime in the fall, the big name company that handles the web-site for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers announced they were "migrating" the site to a new hosting service, and that the transistion was supposed to be seamless or painless.  When it happend, I discovered it was not, and that apparently we'd need to change the URL to go forward.  Balked at that, and for the more recent time being, we've been back to the old hosting set up, which for me works just fine.

Logo for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  I didn't do this one, a former member of the group did, several years ago.

Additionally, last fall, the company I have my own web-site through announced they would make the same migration fo hosting services.  Since the change actually occurred, I haven't done anything with mine.

Today, I get an e-mail, stating the SASP site has now been migrated, and a couple choice and usually unprintable words came to mind.  But I had a few things to update and thought I'd give it a try.  There were a couple hick ups, but I found what  evidently was key to getting the new hosting system to work.  The changes, and updates I made actually showed up when I next visited the site as any web surfer would do. Huzzah!!!

Logo for the Stone Island Sea Stories. I did the original ship drawing, daughter photo edited into this.

Decided to try my own site, which I hadn't updated since last fall some time.  It basically worked the same way, and the couple of updates I made came through as well.  A couple of more things I don't need to worry about/fight with in the future.  Only thing now is it looks like SASP will start having to pay a little for it's e-mail set up that's connected with the web-site.

On a totally different subject, it appears our decent fairly warm weather will disappear over the weekend.  The weather guessers are talking snow and day time highs below freezing.  However, it might give me a chance to check out the new show shovel/pusher/plow.
More next time,