February 2nd, 2020

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Story Excerpt

Hi Everyone,
It's been a while since I've posted an excerpt from the first Stone Island Sea Story, Beyond the Ocean's Edge.  Today I'm continuing with posting something from each chapter.  This comes from Chapter 15.  Pierce, the passengers and crew of Island Expedition have arrived at and begun settling in on the mysterious long lost island they've set out to find.  Today, they have word of a strange craft approaching the island...

             As eight bells sounded, Pierce again went aboard His Britannic Majesty’s Schooner.  He exchanged formalities and a few pleasantries with Andrews, who now had the watch, and went below to his cabin.  He fetched his best glass, returned to the deck, and immediately climbed the main shrouds.
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            The strange craft passed smartly along the schooner’s port side.
            One of the hands detailed to grease the forward carronade’s elevating screw observed, “No doubt, Jack!  Gotta be them noble savages we been hearin’ about.”
            “Aye, Tom. But noble?” answered his mate.
            As the comment was made, the individual on the chair turned slightly and looked directly at the schooner.  His face remained blank and he resumed his forward gaze.
            Pierce glared.  “Belay that, I say!  You will keep your opinions to yourselves.  Report for duty with tomorrow’s watch on deck!”         
            “Aye aye, sir!”  They were embarrassed at being overheard by their captain, and most assuredly dismayed that they would have another day’s duty before any liberty was granted.