December 19th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Weekly Book Review

Here's another one from the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers file.  I think Bob (the author) has republished it as Vampire Justice.
Vampire & the Cop

By Bob Manion

Reviewed by Joyce Caudel
         I don’t usually read Vampire books, but because our own Bob Manion wrote this one, I read it. I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. Bob has created a whole society of supernatural inhabitants that is very believable.
         The book is set in Seattle, so there are at least some familiar places that I could identify with. His characters are very believable. There is murder and mystery that drew me into the story. With Bob you always know there is going to be some sex, but I was able to read without slamming the book down.
         If Bob Manion writes another Vampire novel with these same characters, it will definitely be on my reading list.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Week Day Update

To be honest, writing progress has slowed somewhat this month.  Still plodding along and I see the big picture as to how the story will end.  Still trying to figure out some of the details.
Along with some writer friends who signed up for the spot, I took part in high school arts and craft fair a couple of weeks ago.  It was slow, at least from my point of view.  Had a lot of folks look and even say they'd be back, but ended up not selling a single book.  Oh well, it happens that way sometime.  However, I did sell three prints of my paintings, so the day wasn't a complete loss.
Fighting a cold this week. Woke up Saturday with the traditional scratchy throat and it's progressed to a full blown cold.   Had a doctor's appointment/proceedure scheduled for Friday but called and rescheduled.  I just don't know how I'll be feeling by then.  They said I'd be good if I can breath through my nose (for when I'm under) but now anyway I get a lot of rattling, wheezing as my exhalation finishes up.  That turns into coughing and has kept me awake at night.  So I'm rescheduled for next month.  It'll be a colonoscopy to follow up on the surgery I had a year ago.
Friends of our dropped of some Christmas packages and we put them under the tree.  One must have food in it as Coco is guarding it.  He's not trying to open it or anything, but just sits and lays by it and gets upset if we try to move him or if we take the little box away.

It's the little gold box right under his nose.

Trying to figure out what's going on with my Facebook Page.  Several weeks ago, a number of pages that I'd liked as my Page disappeared from the list of "Pages Liked by This Page."  Still if I go to one of those pages via a different route, it shows that I have liked that page. (?????)  More recently the "Pages Feed" feature on my page has disappeared.  I would go to that to see the latest posts from Pages's I'd liked, and also to possibly like, comment, or share those posts.  Now I have to go into specific pages via the "Pages Liked by This Page" list.  Also, the "Post Reach" number is no longer on my page... the one tha's for the past week, I think it was.
Looks like a quiet day around here.  I'm trying to not do too much and fight off this cold.  Coco is guarding his package so for once we'll skip going for a walk.
Hope everyone is getting ready for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!