November 25th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Progress Report

As you probably know, I'm paralleling (auditing?) NaNoWriMo this month.  I'm not officially participating, but I am trying to get back into writing on a regular basis.  So far I've managed to get a little something done everyday except one.  (I was busy selling books and prints of paintings at a high school craft fair.)  When the month began I'd completed nine chapters, 140 pages and about 38,500 words in the third Stone Island Sea Story.  And I wrote the majority of that way back when I was on sick leave recovering from my first hernia surgery... about ten years ago.

Anyway, when I ended yesterday I'd written another six chapters, 108 pages, and about 33k words.  If I can keep going until the end of the month I'm sure I'll more than double the word count and should come close to doing the same with pages. By then I should be on the home stretch, and even if I slow down a tad bit, I can see having it completed by the end of the year.

Then of course it'll be time for some rewriting, some revision, and as much editing as I can do before (or while) letting a few others take a look.  I know the final word count will come down as I work on refining it, and there are a few scenes that might end up being pared down or eliminated all together.  That seems to be the case with how I write now.

Eva worked on Thanksgiving, and in the afternoon and evening so we've postponed our dinner until today.  Jessica will be over later and we'll have our turkey... only a few days late, but easier than trying to cram it all in on a day when we all can't really enjoy it.  And that means that I may not get to the writing today... a bit of a break would be nice and I'm quite satisfied with what I've accomplished so far this month.

Reading wise I'm continuing on with Captain Horatio Hornblower: Vol II: Ship-Of-The-Line.  Rough guess is that I'm about one third to half done with it.

Coco at Thanksgiving last year. Still a wee pup then, maybe 11 or 12 wks old.

Here he is at the start of this month, showing off his new Seattle Seahawks jacket and examining my shoe!