November 20th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Excerpt: 3rd Stone Island Sea Story

A few days ago someone on Twitter asked if writers ever included odd or unusual references in their work.
I responded and quickly mentioned the excerpt below. (from chapter seven of Darnahsian Pirates) 

            Evangeline left and Pierce settled into the comfortable chair.  He nudged the candle closer and picked up a book he’d brought with him, one that he’d been reading during the voyage from London.
            He was engrossed in the story when she returned.  “I’m sure you are tired, my dear.  You should sleep.”
            He chuckled in an absent-minded sort of way.
            “You find that amusing?”
            “Oh, not that.  It’s a coincidence here in what I’m reading.  It’s a continuing story, spread out over several books.  Our hero meets the young lady of his dreams in the seventh chapter of the first book.  Now, in the third, they are once again together, in the seventh chapter.  I just thought it a bit odd, that’s all.”

By chance, Edward Pierce met Evangeline in Chapter Seven of Beyond the Ocean's Edge, and aside from a brief meeting at the end of Sailing Dangerous Waters and in an earlier chapter in the third book, they are once again together in Chapter Seven of the Third book.