July 19th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

On-Line Shopping, etc.

So we have Amazon and a bunch of other on-line retailers out there, where we can sit at home in front of our computer, or on our phone or tablet and buy (and pay for) just about anything we could want.  Convenient? Why yes!  Conducive to interpersonal interactions and being a participating member of society?  Definitely, NO.

And with more products available via on-line shopping, more and more actual stores, the so-called "brick and mortar" retail outlets are going out of business and closing their doors for good.  I do order stuff from time to time via the Internet, but quite often that is after I've been unable to find the items desired/needed in the local area.  Generally I would prefer to drive a reasonable distance to buy what I want and have it with me when I return to the house.  At the very least, and providing I think I it, I will attempt to have the store order the item.  Just a part of trying to keep my purchasing local and providing business to local establishments.

There is another side to this as well.  I get to be out and about, to see and speak to other people.  Especially now that I'm retired, I don't always get away from the house on a regular basis.  My truck might sit for several days between jaunts to the store, trips to Coco's puppy training class, etc.  If I did most of my shopping on-line, I would get out and amongst other folks even less frequently.  I do admit that at times I think of going after something only to decide that it can wait until the next day, and so I might sit at home even longer.  So, while shopping on line might be easy it doesn't do much for one's chance to see and be involved with others.  I read somewhere that this could be a real problem for those who may not be able to get out and about.

Likewise, when I am at the store or at the bank, I enjoy, perhaps even crave the interaction with the staff.  Rather than drawing cash from an ATM, I go in and deal with a teller.  In the store I rarely if ever use the self-check-out lines.  I want that moment of connection with the person ringing up my purchase, collecting my payment and passing back my change.  Oh, in some cases it might be that I'm not sure about how to use the ATM or the self-check-out set up, but the truth is, I want the human connection.

Full moon above a house across the street.  Taken late June of this year.