June 22nd, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

The Northwest Author Night Experience

So Monday evening I drove to Coeur d'Alene to take part in Northwest Author Night at the Well-Read Moose.  The place is far enough away that I'd never gone over to sit through another writer's event in order to see just what was involved.  Probably the first thing I didn't account for was the traffic on I-90 at that time of the day.  I figured that if I left the house a hour before the scheduled time I would be there sufficiently early.  Through town (Spokane) traffic wasn't bad... heavy but moving right along.  But as I tried to accelerate up the freeway entrance ramp, I found I couldn't as the road was pretty much a sea of cars all moving at a much slower than normal pace.  At times traffic even came to a complete stop for a moment or two.  It wasn't until I was a good ways toward my desitination that speeds improved to something resembling normal.

All that meant that I showed up a few minutes after the scheduled time for the event.  Once there I met Tim Jones, the other author I'd be sharing the event with.  We had each managed to convince a  couple of people to drop in and support us for the evening.  I think he had has daughter and significant other, and a member of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers and her son attended on my behalf.  We were both asked to speak briefly about writing, being a writer, getting published, and to read a bit from, and talk about our book(s).  We did so, with me going first.  In addition we entertained questions from those attending and members of the store staff.

Quite honestly I wasn't really prepared so I just "winged" it, but from what I hear, I did all right.  But that is also why I sort of wish I'd been to someone else's Author Night prior to having one myself.  Sales wise it wasn't that great... I bought his book and he bought my first one, so it wasn't a complete bust either.  (I decided to buy his after he read a little bit from it.)

"Hotchkiss' Paradox" one of the painting I left at the book store Monday nite.

It was a fairly short evening and by 7:30 we were packing up and heading home.  (I made it home nearly a half hour faster that it took me to get there.)  The next day I had an e-mail from one of the store employees stating that I'd left some things there... to be exact, the original paintings for my books' cover art as well as a couple photo prints of the same images.  Well, I'd left the prints there for anyone who might want them, but hadn't realized I'd left the actual paintings.  I'd set them out on display while making my presentation and just plain forgot them.  They are small, 8 x 10 inches and unframed and I'd set them on the back edge of the table against the wall.  So tomorrow afternoon I'm planning to make the drive over so I can retrieve them.  I keep wondering if I can use the fact that I'm getting a bit older as an excuse for forgetting them in the first place.

"Helm, Steer Between Them" the other painting I've got to got retrieve.

So I've been reading Rivers of Stone by SASP Member Beth Camp as of late.  I'm about 3/4 the way through it now and should finish in a few more days.  Want to get on to Booth by my fellow Author Night participant, Timothy David Jones, and have a few others waiting around to read... most of them by fellow members of SASP.

Cover of Beth's book... my current read.

Until next time,