June 18th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Teeny-tiny Libraries

As Coco and I extend the length of our daily walks, I've noticed a couple of those teeny tiny libraries in the neighborhood.  The little house like shelters with a couple of shelves for books and a door to protect them from the weather.  For the most part I think people borrow and exchange books they've had and don't want anymore.  But I got to thinking that a local self-published author could also "donate" books to these collections and maybe gain some publicity or at least a few fans of his or her work.  I end up giving away books now and then as it is, so it's not that big of a deal to contribute some to the reading public in this way.  While it's nice to garner a lot of book sales and rake in the royalty cash, I, and I believe most authors really want people to read and enjoy what we have written.  If I provide folks with copies of my books at no charge and they read and enjoy them, I'm happy.

So later on today when I head out for the Northwest Author's Night at the Well-Read Moose in Coeur d' Alene, I'll swing by the closest teeny-tiny library and leave a copy of each of my books in it.  I think there are a couple more in the vicinity and I'll try to add my books to them in the coming days.

Eva taking Coco for a walk.  This was the day after I had hernia surgery so she substituted for me.  Coco's "shirt" says "BYOB...Bring Your Own Bone.  Yesterday we had steak (for Fathers' Day) and for once the bones were of a quality that I thought he could have one.  Guarded it zealously and worked on it for hours... his first real bone!  Gave us a "you've been holding out on me!" look.