May 20th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

(Extra) Weekly Book Review

I attempt to post in order, book reviews from the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers' web-site, but this one will be out of order and would normally appear in a few weeks.  However, I just finished reading the volume a couple of days ago and have written a review of it.  I've added my review to the one already on the web-site and present the both of them here.

I'm the Ghost in this Body: The Nomadic Ghost
by Larry Danek

                                                                        Reviewed by Sue Eller

         Not just another ghost story…
          As the nomadic ghost was drawn into a recently expired body, I was drawn into his story. Author Larry Danek masterfully relates the tale of a spirit being who struggles to take charge on the physical plane and strives to tame the mental chaos of memories from past and present lives. This story could only be told from the perspective of the nomadic ghost himself, and Danek masterfully weaves a tale of cold-blooded murder and revenge contrasted with compassion for some down-and-out but decent people who need his help.

                                               Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney

         The ghost has inhabited many bodies in the past. Now he occupies the body of a young Chicago man mistakenly gunned down in a gangland firefight.  When medical personnel pronounce the body dead, he uses his ghostly abilities to revive it and makes his way to St. Louis.
         Aided by other ghosts that do not inhabit any bodies he sets out to eliminate those involved in drugs and other nefarious activities.  Along the way he aids a number of people he has met, including a hit man sent by a drug lord to take him out.  Once he has his affairs in order he realizes it is time to leave this body behind and move on to another one.
         This proved to be an interesting read. Danek's take on the spirit world is unique and well thought out.  It is the first in a series, with the third story, RUNAWAY GHOST being recently published.  This reviewer looks forward to reading the remaining stories.

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