May 14th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Desktop vs Mobile Devices

On occasion I know I've mentioned preferring to use the desktop instead of my phone or tablet for doing certain on-line tasks.  While I'm thinking of it, I thought I'd talk a little about just why that is.

To begin, I like working on the desktop because I have a full keyboard and can type faster than I can on either of my mobile devices.  True, the newer phones (and the tablet) aren't as bad as the old phone style numerical keyboard where you had to push a certain number of times for each letter on that button.... up to four times for an "s" if I remember correctly.  So when I do "write" stuff via a mobile type device, it seems to take longer and is more taxing on my brain.  I also seem to make more errors.

I've also found that there are differences in the features and services offered between what is available on the desktop as opposed to those available on mobile versions.  LiveJournal itself doesn't seem to be to bad between the two, but I do notice quite a difference with Facebook and Twitter.  For example, on Facebook, if I go to my Page on the desktop, I can click on Pages Feed and see things posted on those Pages my Page has liked.  If I go to that on my phone, it offers me a chance to sign up to like and then see pages I've liked.  My thought is if I've already liked the pages as my page, why am I not able to see them now?  If on my phone for my Facebook Page, I can view what I've posted and can track the number of likes, see comments, and view the "post reach" count, but I can't view posts from those Pages I've liked as my page.  And I'm one of those individuals whose Page has liked a large number of other Pages.

In most cases Twitter works fine in the mobile version, but some features are not available that are in the desktop version.  On the desktop I can see how many tweets I've sent ever since starting the account, and I can see the same for any other account I happen to visit.  None of this information is available on the mobile version.  I've also had a couple of occasions where attaching a photo to a tweet has ended up with my nearly ready to go Tweet simply disappearing. Which means I've lost the additional time and effort it took me to write the tweet when using the phone or tablet, vs using the desktop.

So that's why I prefert to do my online stuff, my social media stuff on the desk top computer as I'm doing now.  At the same time, I find it convenient to have access to those accounts via my phone and tablet, and often make brief checks of them while not at the computer itself.