April 26th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Another Day another....

Over the past couple of months I've had the opportunity to share a booth/table with fellow Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers at some of the local High School Craft fairs.  The first one I attended was fair in that I actually sold something.  The next two, both last month were complete busts... sat there all day, talked up my books like crazy and still didn't sell anything.  This last Saturday, however, things turned out a lot differently.  Sold copies of both books, plus a print of one of my paintings not long after the event started.  Did really good for a couple of hours and then things slowed down.  And not just for me... at one time it seemed the only folks there in the gym were the various vendors.  Still I was happy with the way the day turned out... I made enough to cover the cost of my share of the booth, and ended up with a bit extra as well.  And I appreciate the fellow SASP member who has been signing up for these events and then asking fellow members to share.  Cost of booth rental is a lot less when divided up.  I have noticed, however, that if I do a Sunday stint on a two day event, that I don't do as well.  So if any of these chances come up again, I will try to go for a Saturday.
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So wanted to get something posted here other than book reviews.  As I said, I hope to finish my current read and have a review for it fairly soon.  And I'll keep posting those from the SASP web-site review page.  I'll also try to remember to put a cut in this and it might turn out to be a bit long and winding.

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