April 17th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Weekly Book Review

This should get us back on track as we progress through the book reviews on the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers web-site.  The next one up is fairly short, so today I'm providing a second one.  Note: many of the reviews of the second book are by folks who are not members of SASP.

(If you should happen to visit the web-site, you might notice that is shows another review in between these two.  As I was copying and pasting from the files, I discovered that "somebody" had messed up the alphabetical order or things.  Coal Wars will be up next.
Celebrating Spokane Authors
A collection of poetry, essays & short stories
An anthology by members of
Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers

Reviewed by Larry Danek

         I found this book to hold my interest with the fine collection of short stories and poems.
         It was well worth the read.
Reviewed by Joyce Caudel

         This is a collection of shorts by the members of SASP, Spokane Authors and Self Publishers. As a member of SASP, I do have a small piece in the book. The other shorts are very good, and I recommend the book to anyone that is interested in what Spokane authors are writing about.

Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob

By B. J. Campbell

Reviewed by Robert G. Hildahl

         Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob is a very enjoyable group of short stories about the life and hard times of Cougar Bob. The book starts out with stories of his life in high school, and then in the navy as a young man with polio.
         After returning home from the navy, he gets on with his life and has many new adventures, most of which, I would not attempt myself.
         Campbell is a very talented writer, and after I read about each new adventure, I always wondered--What will Bob try next?
Reviewed by James R. Buchanan

         “Determination!”  Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob is away of life” story, lived out by a man of great courage and determination, overcoming all obstacles to excel in his ever adventuresome spirit. Cougar Bob, a "man’s man" has lived the life that most men only dream of and lived to tell about it!
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Reviewed by Tiffani Harvey

         It's good, but requires a strong stomach!  Not for the faint hearted.